About Us


We primarily deal in financial consultancy and investment management as an effort to act as investors for stakeholders and advisory to investment decisions being taken by our investors and clients.
Our name “Ngen-Ko” was derived from the basic notion of a New GENeration COmpany and has a deeper meaning when it comes to depict what we aim to achieve in our business.
“NgenKo” as derived for the ancient Mapuche belief system is made up of two words – “Ngen” and “Ko”; where “Ngen” are spirits of nature created by the universal soul to own, manage, govern, take care of and protect the various resources of nature and thus were worshiped by the Mapuche people to have owned these resources. The word “Ko” depicts water, thus “NgenKo” signifies the spirit who manages, arranges, governs and protects the water resources.
In the world of Finance, Liquidity is always a critically important resource and thus for us, water being the true symbol of liquidity and fluidity, is the ideal symbol for financial liquidity as well. The qualities of water such as prudence, flexibility and transparency are what we aim to inculcate in ourselves and as the culture of this firm.
Thus, at Ngen-Ko Investments, We manage, own, govern and protect your liquidity and thereby your finances.


"We have a workforce that is growing in size and quality with every breath that our company takes."