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The report we formulate after thoroughly analysing a company is divided into 4 sections to make it easier for our clients to request customization to the report as per their requirements. The sections are as follows:



The end users for these sections are varied and different depending upon the needs of the client. Furthermore, the amount of research and analysis required for each section also warrants a varied pricing structure. The client can avail upto 25% customization in the depth of the report at a premium.


The following is the pricing for our Company Analysis report:


Company Analysis Report Contents



Section I – Company Data Analysis

Audit report (Auditors opinion)

  • An Indian accounting standards based analysis of the Auditors opinion on the company financial statements will be given. All qualified and the unqualified opinions of the auditor will be noted to understand facts related to the company. A detailed analysis report of an auditor's opinion is a prerequisite for investing as well as understanding the fundamentals of the company.


Management Analysis

  • Detailed profiling of the management of the company will be taken into consideration and the past efficiency of the management will be outlined based on various internal and external sources. As management is crucial to the survival of a business, a pure qualitative analysis and opinion will be given in this regard.


Annual report analysis (last 5-10 years)

  • Balance Sheet Movement

  • P/L movement

  • Cash/Fund Flow Analysis

  • Liquidity/Liability  Analysis


This is the most important part of this section, where a detailed fundamentals based analysis will be done of the financial statements and the annual reports of the company thus taking into consideration the various extraordinary transactions that the company has been recurring.

Patterns of expenditure of the company will be noticed and the company fundamentals will be analysed on the basis of the industry standards in terms of their ratios and turnover and capital adequacy.

A complete and thorough analysis of all the data available in the annual reports of the company will be made available in this section. All fund movements will also give us an indication of the company plans and intent in terms of the future of the company and gives insight of the working as well as operations of the company under various heads.


Section II – Industry & Competitor Analysis

Industry /Market share  analysis

A full detailed analysis of the industry within which the company operates and a model analysis of its market share and its impact on the industry will be made available for users. Various models, segmentation techniques and quantitative analysis will be used.

  • SWOT analysis

  • Porter’s 5 forces

  • Market Model 

  • Industry cycle

  • BCG matrix


All these various models and analysis tools for industry as well the company will give an enhanced view to the user of the report about the prevailing conditions in the market.


Competitor Company Balance Sheet Analysis

(Common size and Rolling B/S analysis)


Peer group analysis and comparison will give a better view to understand the situation of the company as well as the industry. Common size statements of the company will help to cut the time in understanding this situation. Strategies, product positioning, expenditure and cost efficiency can be analysed by understanding the major competitors in the industry that the company works in.


Section III – Company Valuation/Prediction

Company valuation (detailed)

  • Discounted cash flow valuation method

  • Net assets valuation method

  • Dividend valuation method

  • Future prediction or course of action  (Opinion Based)


This is a very important segment for investors who look to analyse a firm for decision making of whether to invest or not into the company. Valuation of the company based on all the three models as well as the predictions made accordingly will be provided to guide the user in the most simplistic manner about the true value of the company, its book value and its net worth.


This is the most valuable part of each report and is the real essence of each report as it applies various theories to value, assess and evaluate company policies and strategies, and give solutions to the problems currently faced by the client (In cases where the client is the company itself)


Section IV – Recommendations / Strategies / Problem Solving


This Section is a customized section by of the report, dwelling into the current problems faced by the client's firm, major observations and recommendations that we feel our client should know in terms of the target company.


  • Major observations

  • Major recommendations

  • Major growth strategies/problem solving

  • Justifications (Various models to be used)


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