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The E-commerce Industry is one of the most rapidly growing sectors, with its service being to provide all goods and services electronically with the use of the internet network. The use of electronic means has picked up especially in terms of the FMCG, consumer goods and electronic goods.

With the sudden boost in the no. of mobile devices across the India, the E-commerce industry has developed and reached a lot of homes at a very high pace. The question to answer here is whether these highly valued and revered companies will stand the test of time, or is the valuation of these companies very high in relation to the earning capacity they have? Is there a bubble being formed in the industry or is this just a start to what this industry will be formed into in the next 20-30 years?


Domestic Outlook

In India, the industry has seen tremendous growth in the past 5 years. Although the industry has been present since 15 years, the mind-set of the customers has changed with a sense of trust building into companies that survive such companies.

The industry is valued at $11 Billion and it is estimated to scale to a level of $21 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of approximately 37% over 2013-15 period. The sheer value of transaction in this industry has shot up to INR 81,525 Crores, 53% more than the previous year. The current value of these transactions is INR 1,08,428 Crores. With Companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal leading the pack of companies in terms of valuations, the industry is well placed with entry and trust building of more customers. Due to the monopoly of the Indian Railways, IRCTC is also the highest number of registered users and clocks 4 Lac ticket bookings per day.


Global Outlook

With worldwide sales of $1,221 Billion, the E-Commerce industry has a 17.1% growth rate. Being a very promising industry, the market has some major players which are responsible for most of the sales and ticketing business. China & USA are the world’s leading e-commerce markets with 55% of the Global internet retail sales coming from these two countries.

With global giants like Amazon and Alibaba Group competing in this sector, the barriers to entry in the sector are visible now. We predict that China will soon become the biggest E-Commerce industry taking over countries like USA, Britain and Japan.



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