Reports & Publications 


At NgenKo, our highly qualified team of professionals prepare detailed insightful reports analysing companies and their respective industries.


A Company analysis report includes (but not limited to):-

  • Core fundamental analysis

  • Company valuation (Valuation based entry point calculation is also covered for target company)

  • Competitor analysis

  • Performance evaluation to understand the financial health of the company

  • Customizable section is included on client’s requirement for evaluation and recommendations analysis of the company.

  • Evaluation of cost and profit centers using various management accounting techniques. 


An Industry analysis report includes (but not limited to):-

  • An overview of the industry

  • Detailed breakdown of the various sections of the industry

  • Segmentation & structure of the industry

  • Existing market share of the industry

  • Strategies used by industry participants/competitors

  • SWOT analysis for the industry

  • PESTEL analysis for industry environment

  • Porter’s Five Forces model analysis.

Various other models are used to analyze and interpret the current stage and depth of the industry in the industry cycle, thus estimating its future growth potential.


Company and Industry Analysis reports are categorised under the following categories

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