What is Business Turnaround Consulting?


A company during its business comes across a cluster of problems due to the element of change and development that is constant in every industry. A substantial number of companies lack an effective plan of action for such unfavorable circumstances where they need to constantly modify and develop their strategies to ensure sustainability even in a harsh business environment.
The lack of change management prowess and strategy implementation leads to companies incurring heavy losses and resultant negative cash flows. Heavily geared companies inflate their book values on borrowed money which further inflates their finance costs, burdening the earnings of the companies. Poor operational efficiency also leads to negative operational cash flows which are a clear indication of faulty management of resources.
We, at Ngen-ko, perform a thorough operational and financial analysis of a company and advise the management of such companies in ways to strategize their functioning in a way which prevents further erosion of their value due to cash losses or finance cost losses and gradually returns cash flows and finances to the positive.

Does my organisation need this?


Does my organisation need this?

To really gauge if an organisation needs business turnaround consulting and needs our advice, answer the following questions:

  • Are you bleeding out money?

  • Is your Business suffering from losses?

  • Do you have poor supply chain inter-party relations?

  • Does your business lack a definite strategy and vision?

  • Is your Business incurring negative cash flow from operations?

  • Do you think your interest Cost burden is looming on your profits?

  • Does employee morale in your organisation seem low at the outset?

  • Is there a high Attrition rate among the employees of your business?

  • Does your business suffer from cash flow liquidity and working capital issues?

  • Does your business lack adequate internal control systems and audit procedures?

  • Are your margins significantly lower than the margins of your competitors in your industry?

If any of these questions you answer for are YES, then you need to contact us at the earliest.

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How do we deliver Results?


We do not believe in a correspondence approach for advising you on the problems faced by your company. We believe that true generation of value is possible by closely working with the management in person while going through the usual course of daily business operations and turn around the company through an integrated approach within a span 3 to 18 months depending on the scope of the project.

We seek to develop strategies for the company after thoroughly understanding the morale, views and beliefs of the business and its people by being there on scene. Our consulting experts first collect data in an organised manner by holding meetings with all levels of management to acquaint themselves with the specifics about the organization and then formulate and implement strategies in co-operation with the management on the basis of assessments done using various models.

At NgenKo , we aim to provide you with a fresh outlook towards the industry and the business by the fusion of our immense knowledge in the field of management accounting and strategic decision making, operational workflow management and an out of the box thinking perspective which gives us the chance to offer you a significantly realistic, implementable and fruitful plan to get you out of the trough you find yourselves in. Not only will we advise and formulate the strategies for you, but we shall also provide you with our full onsite presence to aid you in the entire implementation process of that strategy as well.

Our Team


We are a team of qualified professionals who excel in Management Accounting, Strategic Decision making and in-depth Financial Analysis. We intend to create value through the knowledge we have of the various important aspects of a business. Our team members are at least either degree holders of CA, CIMA or CFA and thus are considerably qualified and make it a point that qualities to the strategy and results from their implementation are our foremost priority. Our technical prowess and zeal as a team is what gives us the edge over others when we are in the field and on duty.

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