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Advising you on:

  • Hedging Risk

  • Long term Wealth

  • Asset Allocaiton

  • Liquidity Management

At Ngenko Wealth we firmly believe develops client oriented strategies tailored for your long term wealth creation goal. We are responsible money managers who know and understand the value of your money and therefore seek to use the market to generate long term wealth for all our stakeholders.


With a team of high quality, dedicated analysts at NgenKo Investments, we advise you in a process-driven manner, backed by our resources as an established wealth management firm.

By assessing you portfolio, setting your portfolio goals and re-caliberating the portfolio, we endeavour to create wealth for you through timely portfolio reviews. 

Ngenko Wealth is a pioneer at Hedging risks and risk mitigation so that your portfolio remains good even when the market is in a turbulent period, enabling you to take guided investment decisions.


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